International Shipping to Ghana?

Find out More about Sea Shipping to Ghana Out Of USA

International Shipping to Ghana?

Find out More about Sea Shipping to Ghana Out Of USA

Just The way to Ship Safely in Africa

Operating from West Africa and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is known as a Best Manufacturer of gold and cocoa. For all those sending to Ghana, the nation’s biggest port is the Port of Tema.

The Port of Tema is has 1-2 berths

A refuge for fishing in addition to a sterile dock. Other transport vents in Ghana include the Port of Takoradi, the Port of the two Elmina and the Port of Saltpond.

If You’re shipping to Ghana, then You Need to get compulsory records so You can Records Required for transport on Ghana contain:

List of Transport from the company (if appropriate)
Ghana Customs Kind C.1 2
Entire Inventory (composed in English, with values, obsolete, and authorized)
PUBD Form (“Specific Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration”) to be complete outside in airport of arrival.

Please note : failure Might Cause abuse and delay   planet express

If you’re sending used household goods to Ghana, your cargo should arrive in 1-2 months of your forthcoming introduction within the nation.

Duty Free Shipping to Ghana

With respect to liability expenses, you are allowed to ship used household products obligation assuming you’ve owned these items for a couple months before transport. Additionally, as a means to qualify for obligation shipping you ought to intend to continue with your loved ones products rather than resell them.

For people considering sending utilized electric appliances on Ghana, you are able to send one used electrical appliance per household to Ghana duty. If you’re considering sending some of precisely the same kind of secondhand appliance, then you will probably be prone to pay duty fees and taxes.

Restricted Goods when Shipping to Ghana

If you are sending to Ghana, more contemporary items which are six months old are at the mercy of specific obligation fees. You are likewise not allowed to bring considerable sums foodstuff. If you’re sending drugs to Ghana, you’ll have to acquire a prescription unless the things which you’re sending are to get medical objectives.

If you’re sending new electrical things to Ghana, your freight dispatch will most likely be subject to customs duties and taxation.

Prohibited Matters when Transfer on Ghana

If you are sending to Ghana, please note that certain things aren’t allowed or are carefully restricted. If you would rather send firearms and weapons to Ghana, then you are likely to be asked to find exclusive licensure and licenses. Including providing:

Proof ownership
Import License
Police Withdrawal Permit
Permit from Ministry of Interior

Things That You Are Not Permitted to send to Ghana comprise:

Pornographic material
Counterfeit Money
Alcohol and other spirits are both prohibited and should be routed separately

Shipping a Vehicle into Ghana

At case that you need to find out more about global shipping to Ghana, then there’s some vital advice that you ought to be aware of beforehand before you send a motor vehicle. To start out with, just left-hand drive automobiles are permitted to be routed to Ghana. There’s also a size limit on the cars you could ship to Ghana with liability prices rising based on automobile dimension.

Further, even if you are sending a car to Ghana, then it’s likely you’re going to be asked to become current throughout the customs clearance clinic. If you are sending a vehicle that’s older than 5 years, you’ll also be subject to a graduated penalty, then according to the whole year the automobile was created.

There is a number of vital paper work required for auto transport to Ghana. Including:

Customs Form C.12/SAD
Evidence automobile possession, i.e. Insurance Coverage Certification, Auto Registration Card
Unique Purchase Invoice to Your Car or Truck

Bringing a Pet into Ghana

Are you truly going into Ghana or seeing the nation after being off for a brief moment? It is possible that you may opt to bring a furry friend with you to Ghana. If you’re bringing a puppy to Ghana, then you are going to want to appear through the customs clearance process.

You will also will have to provide proof inoculation from a qualified and registered vet. As is habitual for pet transport to a number of states, it is very likely that a particular interval will most likely be required at a licensed kennel at Ghana. When the quarantine period for your monster is finished, you are likely to probably be issued using an import license.

Furthermore, there are lots of information involved with transport over oceans to Ghana or to other countries across the world. In the event you need to understand more about understanding more about global transport to Ghana or to another location, get in contact with a seasoned and respectable freight shipping company for advice and a totally free freight quote.

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